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What did you think of Yeezus?
richardallonby asked

I was going to write a mini review because my feelings have changed IMMENSELY from the first time I heard it. The first time I heard it, I heard it twice and immediately archived it. Simply because I didn’t want to give it time after I wasn’t initially drawn in. I was also pissed at Kanye during that time. That’s why I didn’t even review it lol.

Bottom line…I like it. I appreciate. If you want details…continue reading. If you don’t, my answer: I like it and I’m glad it’s a part of Kanye’s discography. 

Now … with Yeezus, Kanye completely left behind his conventional story-telling skills and DJ Premier-inspired production evident on albums like Graduation, Late Orchestration and Late Registration. I think we noticed this gradual change as soon as he dropped 808s and Heartbreaks. 

I like Yeezus because Kanye’s still telling stories but more in the form of “I want to get something off my chest” rather than “hey, listen to what happened last week”. Also, the production (which was hard for me to accept initially) complements that. I’m In It, Guilt Trip and Send It Up are good examples.

I think the most popular tracks, for example New Slaves, Bound 2, Black Skinhead are popular because they’re simply the best songs on the album (in my opinion)…not because they were just marketed well. 

I think he just wanted to let out something he had suppressed for a while. If he had dropped 808 and Heartbreaks (I didn’t like that album) just before this, I wouldn’t have been so taken aback. I like Yeezus more than 808s. I would LOVE to see what he has in store next. Has he got this out his system or is this the direction in which he’ll continue going?

Yeezus isn’t just an album. It is an album by Kanye West and I think, looking at it in that context, my opinions have to be a bit more elaborate and well thought-out.

(Have you listened to Black Skinhead in a dark room? Man.)

sorry for the long response. That’s what happens sometimes when I’m asked music-related questions. 


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Braids back.

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So. My whole evening is being Hamiltonized.

Hey starchasers.

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Do I accompany this with paragraphs of profain, inappropriate stories or just let it play?


(Source: Spotify)

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"Yes but you don’t know what it’s like when you really love someone. You’ve never really been in that position", they say

Your ass never asked me.

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You guys listening to this?

Like. I didn’t know it was out.

Are you guys listening to this?

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Are you still up?

It gets tricky, me having to look up from this blanket every minute

The whole situation gets tricky and I can no longer hear what you’re thinking

You know, with you being in that bed all the way at the other end of the room

I’m not stopping just because we have people crowding round, staring at us

Waiting to see if we come out of this mess alive

There’s a skirt around my waist and the smell of your kiss upon my face

I can feel my eyes rolling back and my muscles losing strength

I think they put something in me

Just a quick question before I lose it completely…

Can we sleep in the same bed again?

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The importance of the little black book, how I failed and how I plan to rectify the situation

I never blog at this time but I’m going to try and get this done before 9:30. 

It’s 8:57 now and this feels strange. 

Getting to it: the importance of the little black book. The little black book, to a lot of people, is a documentation of everyone they have slept with or dated alongside their contact details. Now, why anyone would want that kind of information written down, I’m not sure. Obviously it’s a place to go back to during dry spells when one needs a good booty call (or a date?) Either way, I’d prefer to keep that information in my head because the sea is too fresh and they.are.not.that.important. 

My little black book is not this kind (sorry to disappoint).

The background of it all: It is a list of contacts or people I met in “professional” settings. How do I put this? People I have met, spoken to, been inspired by, gone to lunch with, received advice from, heard inspiring stories from etc etc. This year has been eventful for me. This year, I spent my birthday alone. Completely alone and I tell you, it was one of the best birthdays I have had. I was overcome with so much joy and still can’t put on a finger on why. I guess I was anticipating something good. (I have India Arie to thank for that). I was just preparing for something and didn’t need to waste the day.

Anyway. Along my journey, I’d document everything and keep the contact details of people I met. I had to write it down because things moved quickly and to be honest, after a while, it took effort to establish who was “important” and who isn’t. Until I realise, they’re ALL potentially important. From people my age, to people in the same position I was to more experienced practitioners, to people who had just quit work, to people who were starting their own business, to people who had been doing the same damn thing for 30 years because they had their eye on a prize (that was so damn far away). They were important.

The importance of the little black book: It’s simple. It contains a list of people who can help you. Not necessarily just to get you a job but people who can stimulate your mind, advise you on how to approach things in the workplace or regular social settings, open your eyes to the fact that things are not as rosy as they seem, tell you their story about how they’re saving for their first house, who they’re marrying, where they find cheap flights, why they don’t read certain newspapers, where all the nice venues in London are … you know, 

How did I fail? - When I started working, I put that book to rest. Funny thing is, I started working as a result of advice I had received from someone in that little black book - nobody is too important to contact. NOBODY. (give me a name and I’ll tell you you’re wrong.) I completely stopped looking at that book. Completely. I have not contacted or even thought about a LOT of those people. Now it’s not all tragic but it’s just a realisation I made when I found myself at the point I am now. Wanting a change. 

How do I plan to rectify the situation? - By first, looking at the book. And adding more names. It took a dry spell within me to realise this? I’m the man on heat looking for a booty call. Fanning the flame I once had (kinda?) You know? re-introducing myself. Many will not remember me and that’s OK but I’ll make the effort. I was about to ignore a group lunch invitation until I kicked myself in the behind and said : “go”

Interesting point : I was once told to make an effort to follow up with people because I flourish in one-to-one settings/small groups as opposed to large group settings. That’s a good and a bad thing. Bad because I usually have to (and do, anyway) make the further contact. Good because,m well, I flourish in one-to-one settings. But then again, for those complacent on first-point contact may be forgotten too. (it’s complicated-not really)

It’s 9:30 already?!

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One of my favourite poems by Andre 3000, among my many others. 

Da Art of the Storytelling pt 4.

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tbt (on sunday).
One of the best nights of my life.
One of the best conversations I’ve ever had.
One of the funniest men I’ve ever met.

tbt (on sunday).

One of the best nights of my life.

One of the best conversations I’ve ever had.

One of the funniest men I’ve ever met.

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Jazzmatazz (Guru Tribute)

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Cute little story?

The track I just posted reminded me of an old friend. 

He used to smoke. We used to smoke.

I was at his house one night. We were in the living room, sitting on the floor after binge eating and watching a movie. He was in grey jogging bottoms and I was in a grey, long-sleeved T-Shirt dress.

He called someone up to bring a 20 bag and he’d mix it with mint-flavoured shisha, just for me. We’d smoke from a shisha pipe. I liked the way it felt in my hand. I played Brown Sugar by D’Angelo on his laptop and plugged it into the speakers. I really just wanted to know what D’Angelo sounded like with weed.

We just sat opposite each other and chilled. I started singing along. When the song ended, I had to replay it manually (it was on YouTube). Each time I replayed it, he begged me to sing again. And again. And again. 

He made me sing before he passed me the pipe. (Shisha pipe. Gosh, guys)

It made him so happy when I did, it was funny.

(stay in school, kids)

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Milo - “You’re Go(o)d to me”
This is amazing to me.

"The first single from milo’s debut LP "a toothpaste suburb", available September 23rd 2014 via HELLFYRE CLUB."

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"She only likes me because I’m Black"

Son: She likes me because I’m Black

Father: Now, how do you know that?

Son: Jake told me she likes hanging out with Black kids. I’m the new Black kid

Father: Hmm. So she’s a negrophile, huh?

Son: A what?

Father: Well, that’s someone who digs being around Blacks because it makes them feel cool 

Son: So, do they think we’re all cool or something?

Father: Yep. You know your Uncle Frank, he only dates White women. Doesn’t like Black women. Wouldn’t want to be with one. 

Son: Why?

Father: Aah, he says that they’re too bossy. But just like your Uncle Frank thinks that all White women are easier to get along with and she thinks that all Black kids are cool, they’re both wrong. It’s the individual. All White women aren’t easier to get along with. All Black kids aren’t cool. All Black women aren’t bossy.

Son: Ay but mum’s a Black woman and she’s bossy! What’s up with that?

Father: Ooh! Look at the time. We  better get out of here.

- Soul Food, Season 1, Episode 9 

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Who do you think is the best artist of this generation?
Anonymous asked

Off the top of my head (going to give hip hop examples because they don’t require deep thought - more obvious)

Drake. Kendrick Lamar. They have done and are still doing great things for Hip Hop.

An artist is more than his music at face value.

Many others have also done great things eg Jay and Kanye but I don’t consider them rappers of this generation. They just…”still rap”

Narrow down “this generation” and my answer might be different :)