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I really want to ask u out one day lol but u live in Canada 😭😭😭😭😭 I hope I can meet u one day
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Haha I wonder what made you think I live in Canada

If you’re in London, there’s a high chance you’ll bump into me

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Audio of The Night

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You’re my Angel

I remember the first time I walked into your home.

My heart raced and even though it was the second time we’d met, I sensed this time would be a little different.

You sat behind the piano and played it for me in a dark-lit room. I turned down your offer to let me have a go at it because I hadn’t touched the keys for so many years.

Besides, I was stuck chanting to myself:

"Boy I’m fiendin for you like a crack head on the floor. Give me more"

I remember you saying you saw something in me that meant you just had to dance with me. You grabbed my wrist every time I tried to leave the room. I promised I’d be back and you finally smiled, letting me go. With everyone else in the room, you took me to the darkest corner and asked if you were allowed to just…hold me. I smiled and agreed. I wasn’t comfortable with your fascination. 

When I finally looked back, not a soul was left. The energy between us being as strong as it was, it’d have taken a cold-blooded fool to remain in the room.

We lay on the sofa and there, you told me how happy you were I hadn’t forgotten about you and had finally agreed to be “found”. I smiled and I sipped. I smiled and I sipped. I smiled and I sipped. I was happy too as I’m rarely fascinated by men. Mere mortals. 

But there was something special about you I knew of long before we finally met. But you just sit there, acting like you don’t reside up in my skies. Completely oblivious. Ungrateful.

I asked you to tell me a story before my eyelids gave way. The little boy you spoke of was lost and abandoned so I cut it short in fear of not liking how it’d end. 

We lay.

The next morning…you couldn’t look at me.

I hoped it was because you were pleasantly overwhelmed with what happened the night before and not because you were ashamed to have been in my potent presence. 

I left with nothing but memories, years on and am still in search of you. So near. Yet so far. In everyone’s mouth. And between my thighs each time I clench them together because I left the window too far open during winter.

Even if we never reconnect,

You’re still my angel…

- Hannah MK

(inspired by “Angel” - 9th Wonder and Terrace Martin)

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thank you so much for answering my question :)
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My pleasure.

(which question was that?)

And thank YOU for asking!

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Audio Bliss. “They Come in Gold”. Fellow fans, say hey.

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Today’s forehead, courtesy of my dear motherland, Zambia

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...I don't know if I consider myself a writer but I do write poems sometimes and would like to put them on my tumblr but in a way feel that I'm showing a part of me that I keep private therefore remain unsure. I wanted to know your opinion as your writing has had a positive impact on me and would like to do the same for others. Thanks for your time :) , Savannah
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And you made my day 

Thank you so much for watching and following me!

I can go to sleep with the biggest smile knowing I positively impacted someone. 

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Hi Hannah, Ive been watching your youtube videos for a while and recently found your blog (I really like both by the way). I was reading your writing/personal section and love how raw and honest it is. I just wanted to ask what gives you the confidence to put such personal thoughts and feelings where everyone can see? Do you not believe that we have a right to keep our personal thoughts private? I hope this questions don't offend you its just that I am currently asking myself the same questions
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Hi :)

Within my writing, there are some things I don’t discuss such as:

  • Negative things about/conflicts with people I love
  • Definitely not anything personal about my parents or sisters 
  • Personal details about my relationship status or anyone I am emotionally, mentally or physically involved with
  • Anything that could be used against me or those I love.

What gives me the confidence to share? I don’t think it is so much “confidence to share” but more-so just liking to write and share. My love for sharing outweighs my fear of being judged or being “too open”. I share because I like the response I get. I like knowing people can relate, people can be helped or people have follow-up questions.

Also, I genuinely don’t mind how people interpret my posts. They’re free to think what they want. Some ask and I explain.

And certainly, we have the right to keep things private. I have been asked before if I ever stop halfway through a post and rethink sharing it because it might be too private. My answer to that was no. I usually think before I start writing. 

My advice would be to share the writing you’re afraid to share. What I believe to be “sharing too much” are things that involve other people and personal details they might not want you to share. Also, mentioning names. If I ever get that urge, I turn it into a story or “fiction-piece” and it becomes extremely hard to spot. Share what you have written! I’m sure there is nothing that can harm you of others in your writing! Just know that people can interpret it any way they want to :)

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One of my favourites

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What do you use to download music on your phone I have an iphone
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I don’t download music directly on to my iPhone because I don’t even think you can. (Without an app).

I download music to my laptop iTunes then connect my phone. This automatically transfers the songs from my laptop to my phone.

I also listen to a lot of music on Spotify for iPhone.

With more underground music I can’t find on Spotify, I copy from my laptop (like I said above)

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Kendrick Lamar on the Isley Brothers. 

I stumbled upon this just after my mini rant about how popular the Isley Brothers are in Hip Hop sampling. 

I love it … and what he says about songs having different meanings when you go back to them after so long is exactly how I feel about old skool RnB. 

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Can you do an updated CD collection vid?
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I haven’t really bought any more since my last video (haul). I’ll make another video when I buy some.

I haven’t even done an entire CD collection video before. 

(The only CDs I’ve been buying recently are for my dad lol.)

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I just wanna say thank u for your reviews! Can you do Travis Scott's??
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I’ll probably review that. I have to listen to it again now :)

And thank YOU for following me.

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Have you ever been to the US? If so where? If not where would you like to visit?
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I have actually never been. Imagine?

I’d like to go to California or NY

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Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] review is up. 


Thanks for those who requested!