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Made In St. Louis ft. Nelly - Made In America

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Yo, I really like that review you did of These Days... I'm going to check out your other videos.
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Thank you!

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Before I depart …

I had the best glass of wine to Goapele’s version this

And I hate wine. 

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Thanks Pharrell

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I haven’t uploaded any YouTube videos for a few months.

I’m reintroducing my YouTube page to tumblr. The last video I shared here was my J Dilla tribute.

Here’s my review of Ab-Soul’s “These Days” Album

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here

Some of the “new” videos you might have missed:

SZA - Z review

Isiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo review

50 Cent - Animal Ambition review

Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron CD opening 

Answering some of your questions

Some of my most common requests: (Favourite albums of all time list, most anticipated albums of 2014, random mixtapes and album reviews, more RnB/jazz, CD openings, CD collection series)

Thank you to almost 1.5k subbies even though I really don’t upload often!

I appreciate all views, comments, requests, messages, likes, shares etc etc 

Hannah MK 


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What does MK stand for?
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My last name

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Phony PPL - Take A Chance. (the love never dies)

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I don’t like the way Goapele makes me feel.

She makes me realise I like things I never thought I’d like. Or maybe things I never had the chance to like. I have a picture of her on my wall. 2 actually. Maybe 3 but from where I’m sitting, I only see 2. It’s weird. I feel like I’m at the beach. I love the beach at night.

So many great things happen. You meet people who change your life. People who insist they’ll want to see you again and follow through, giving you a story to tell your children.

You dance with drunk young men who can barely speak English and offer you their jacket when you’re crossing your arms, not realising, actually, you aren’t cold. Just a bit ill-mannered.

You speak to men in their 60s who advise you on which cigarettes are for ladies, even though you don’t smoke. You listen anyway because, to him, you’re likely to come back to get a packet or two for your friends who do.

You bump into women. A lot of them. And they stare at you for so long, it gets uncomfortable, until they smile.

You know, Goapele. I really enjoy your music.

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You’re so fucking romantic
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I love how well this illustrates how I felt for the majority of my teenage years. He does a freakishly good job.

(Source: Spotify)

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Where are you from?
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Ghana, Zambia and England

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No matter how great you are, there is always somewhere you’re considered dime a dozen

And that’s ok, I’m beginning to realise. 

I believe knowing you’re disposable is as beneficial as knowing you’re valuable.

Where you are disposible, you do not dwell or invest your energy.

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How did you find university? Would u say it was for u?
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It was life changing and, yes, it was for me. I found it challenging in terms of managing workload at first but I improved rapidly. Also, relationships with other people taught me a lot. I had a lot of experiences that I would not change for anything. University is not about your degree alone. Please make the most of it. I’m a different person completely and love that I have stories to tell. Living away from home was nothing surprising either. I adjusted to that overnight too. What else? I think that’s it. I also learned how to take serious shortcuts and get great results but I don’t want to be a bad influence lol.

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Can you please start reviewing submitted work?
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I don’t want to make promises. I receive quite a few emails asking and I feel if I start one, I’ll have to do a lot more. That being said, I’m all for giving my reviews and opinions on submitted projects some day. I think it’ll be nice to hear someone’s break down of your work.