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do u work out?
Anonymous asked

not really. no.

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How tall are you?
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5 ft 9

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"We be to rap what key be to lock".


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Ishmael Butler (Digable Planets / Shabazz Palaces) and Sade.


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These are the kind of feelings I now fantasise about for fear of experiencing them in real life.

"I never knew another human life could have the power to take over mine".

(Source: Spotify)

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An amazing conversation with this guy named Jermaine.

Who says he’s from LA

(Peace Love and Good Weather)

I think he could be good for me

Until you text me saying that you miss me

I forget about Jermaine and the fact he’s right here with me

I hate the shit you do

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I know this isn't an advice place but I kind of need some advice...I have had a crush on a guy for a couple years now and he doesn't know about it and I want to tell her but when I look at his status in life I am no where compare to that and I scared of rejection because I am "not his type of girl" what do you think I should do
Anonymous asked

Hey that’s fine. I’m happy for people to ask me whatever they want to on here.
If he doesn’t know you have a crush on him, it’s obvious you haven’t dropped hints. (Or maybe he does know?)

The fear of rejection is 10x worse than rejection.

I say tell him. I understand what you mean about his status in life being beyond what you believe you deserve right now but that’s not always how life works. Again I say tell him. Are you friends or even talk? Do you have his contact details or you’re starting afresh?

Anyway I know this sounds cliche but look, you are doing yourself a massive dis service by wallowing in your fear. After so long of not telling him, you still feel this way? That tells me it isn’t going anywhere and worth exploring.

If he “rejects” you, you can rest. (Which I doubt because men aren’t good at flat out rejecting lol). It will most likely hurt but you’ll get over it. You should.

I’m not sure how old you are and that would seriously seriously alter my answer but this is generic advice

Feel free to visit my ask box again darling :)

One last thing…think about why you want to tell him

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can you please do a cd collection on YouTube? It would be cool seeing it!
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Wow I really want to. I’m going to have to look around for all my CDs lol! How does regular cd hauls/openings sound? :D
I buy CDs quite regularly.

But that CD video, I can’t wait to make when my collection is a bit more interesting.

Thanks for requesting!

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Lol I got a couple things... I've been back on my music ish... On an alternative kind of type check this dude Raury.. He has a project called Indigo Child... Michael Christmas is a quirky cool rapper to peep. I just got on to him. This dude QwESt has a project called Searching Sylvan... It's this group called World's Fair I just found that's interesting.. Bishop Nehru has his shit with DOOM out now.. NehruvianDOOM.. If any of that is new to you
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Needed to share this with my tumblr fam!

I haven’t listened to any of those. DOOM and BN, I saw being spoken about but forgot to follow it up

Thank you! 

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Let’s get heated for no reason. And wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

You can catch an attitude. I can roll my eyes (back).

It’s around that time my head gets light and my eyes get heavy.

I can scream you’re wrong, you can scream you’re right.

All that will lead to is a fight.

There’s so much else I could be doing but I’m on a mission to stay here all night.

So what you saying?

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Bitches & Drugs may be one of my favorite Jay Elec verses. He kills that. It's short but killa
amalgamozaic asked

lol wow I completely forgot about that track existed!

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Lol are u serious U don't live in Canada lol ion know how I came up up wit that but yea If I see u lol u might get asked out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 to lunch or coffe. Good thing I plan on studying abroad in London soon lol
Anonymous asked

Haha. Canada is very random.

I’ll have a mocha.

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what are your favorite Jay Electronica verses?
Anonymous asked
  • Posers
  • Girlfriend
  • Candy Man
  • Shiny Suit Theory
  • Jazzmatazz verse 2
  • Renaissance Man
  • Exhibit c 
  • Annakin’s prayer

Most of my favourite verses will be full songs because he rarely has hooks in his tracks lol.

Nothing he has released recently. 

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I might as well plant the verse Jay Elec dropped this week on one of my favourite tracks on “Nobody’s Smiling”.

Common x Vince Staples x Jay Elec

Best verse still goes to Vince Staples.

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"I’m pretty"