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The Firm.

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Audio of the night.

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I took a picture of this coffee shop because it brings back memories. First, it might be worth noting that I don’t like coffee. I don’t like coffee shops. Not because I find anything particularly wrong with coffee shops but because I don’t see the value in buying hot drinks. I don’t appreciate it.

However, I drink hot drinks at “coffee shops” or “tea houses” when I’m with other people. It’s almost protocol for those “let’s sit down and talk” meetings. 

This coffee shop (Starbucks, as everyone recognizes it to be) is in Reading. It is home to one of the most awkward conversations I have ever had in my life. Awkwardness so intense that my head began to ache. A mixture of awkwardness, anxiety, guilt, disappointment and an overwhelming presence of undue sympathy all brewed up inside me…at this coffee shop. 

I can’t remember when I took this picture. It was after the incident. I didn’t even know I had it until I scrolled through my laptop and found it. 

I can picture myself in it.

Coffee shops are so damn overrated.

Want to meet up for a coffee?

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Audio of the night.

Beyonce ft Jay Z - That’s How You Like It


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My heart starts pounding when I see ya.

How does it feel to be ya?

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you should review nitty scott, you will absolutely love her. if you don't know her already. you should check her freestyle on monster by kanye and her song "tell somebody"
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I will do, thanks!

I’ve definitely seen her name floating around but never listened to her. I will now that you’ve mentioned it.

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Why don't you reblog?
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Because I’m a control freak who doesn’t want anyone else’s content on her blog (unless I personally ask for it, which is hardly ever) 

Nothing too complicated :)

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Shola Ama: another testament to the quality of British Soul music in the 90s.

"You Might Need Somebody".

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Simply Red appreciation.

A few songs my Englishman of a father had me growing up on between the ages of 5-10. He was (and still is) a big music collector so it’s no surprise a soul band like Simply Red was in rotation around the house.

Anything I associate with my childhood or my father brings about great feelings.

Holding Back The Years


It’s Only Love

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Something Got Me Started

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Let’s get straight to the point.

Last year, we heard TDE signed two new artists: Isaiah Rashad and Sza. Sza, besides her thick long mane, freckles and child-like trippy tone, was special. She was the first female signed to TDE. She’s also the first singer to be signed to TDE. (I’d much a female singer than a female rapper).

Isaiah? People always want a new rapper to scrutinize. What more someone co-signed by Kendrick Lamar? He was welcome.

This year, they both released their first project since being signed. Isaiah Rashad released “Cilvia Demo” and Sza released “Z”.

Isaiah Rashad: Can rap. He is lyrical. Cilvia Demo was dense. Dense with content, rhyme scheme and distinguishable tracks. It’s so important, to me, for one track to stand out from the next. His production choice on this project was great. I understand why some may label him boring. However, I don’t. But … Shot You Down, the track I heard first, did not impress me. Great hook, though.

Sza: I wasn’t impressed with her release, “Z”. Not because she’s not a good artist but because she isn’t “sticky”. I think “Z” is forgettable and has little replay value. I wish her content was more accessible. However, I commend her on knowing exactly who she is an artist. She doesn’t sound lost and most certainly will cater to those who naturally love her music. I call her tone trippy because she is cloudy. She takes you on a journey when you close your eyes to her melodies. She makes an awesome feature artist.

In conclusion, these are early days. Overall, I’m more impressed with “Cilvia Demo” than I am “Z” but can’t decide whether I’m more impressed with Isaiah than I am with SZA.

The beauty of all this is that I don’t prefer either or.

Good luck to them both. I believe they’re both organically talented and I look forward to my opinions on them evolving.

Oh, I can’t wait to see Isaiah in May with Q too. 

*hums* “good times…good times…”

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Here comes the winter breeze
That chills the air and hits the snow
And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe
As springtime makes it’s way here, lilac blooms remind me of
The scent of your perfume
Reminisce inside of love,
On summer burns with heat
I always get the hots for you
Go skinny dipping in the ocean where we used to do
When autumn sheds the leaves, the trees are bare

When you’re not here, it doesn’t feel the same

4 seasons of loneliness
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Looking for love and the map is in her bra
Taking the day off
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The Diplomats - Melalin

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It’s crazy how different I am to some of my friends.


Where the heck did we find each other?

Why the heck do I love you?

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A weird thrill is derived from being corrected…

Whether it be a spelling mistake or a grammatical error. 

Written or spoken.

This thrill is inexplicable. 

It could be the fact that someone correcting me is linked to the fact that they pay close attention. To me. To things. Either way.

It could also be the fact that they aren’t afraid to correct me in fear of appearing fussy. Picky.

Lastly, it could be the fact that they can string a decent sentence together.

I appreciate the little things in life.

(Don’t overdo it, you).